During our complimentary first meeting, we establish your needs and wants. Formats are discussed and you select the product you desire: Book, Video or eBook with or without embedded video.

We begin by surveying your life using a custom-made timeline and review the materials you have. We assess of the scope of your project and deliver a contract for our services, an estimate of costs and timeframe.

Once the project is underway, we work from your life’s timeline and arrange a series of interviews with a writer who has been specially selected to suit you. The writer audio-records your stories and develops a manuscript from transcriptions of the interviews. (In the case of a video or eBook, an interviewer video-records your stories.) As we develop your manuscript, we also do basic genealogy and additional research to further support your family chronology.

Once you are presented with an initial draft of your manuscript, we discuss where editing and additional interviews may be needed. At this time, photographs and memorabilia, to illustrate your story, are collected and scanned. Then the manuscript is finalized and the text and imagery are put together for proofreading.

A thorough proofreading by three readers, including you, ensures your book or video will be ready for publishing. A full-size final draft is produced and printing options are presented.


We determine what you want

A life story or a business history? Is it for family only, friends and associates or the general public? Do you want to share it online? Do you want genealogy, a story or both? Are you ready to begin?

We look at what you have

Photographs, documents, genealogy, objects, artwork, audio and film recordings?

We assess the scope

Most likely, some research will be required to fill in gaps in the story. This may involve looking in historical archives and talking with other relatives or associates to see what they have and are willing to share.


We decide on a final product and deliver an estimate

Determine the best product for your objective: a book, video or combination of the two.
Estimate the job, sign an agreement for services and receive an advance
to begin the project.


The fun begins!

You fill out a Timeline of Significant Events.
Interviews are conducted and transcriptions are made.


Gather all information

Research is conducted to collect necessary information for the story. This includes genealogy, photo research and identification. Historical societies and relatives may be contacted. You may even go on a couple of field trips!


Write and review

All of the information is compiled into a written draft and reviewed.


Capture images

Photographs and important documents are scanned and digitally archived.



Text and visuals are organized, edited and formatted


Proofread and edit

Corrections and changes are made to the first draft. Additional information may be gathered at this time.
A second draft is produced and reviewed. Additional editing is done
until the text is approved.


Final review

Three proofreaders go over it with a careful eye.



Your book or video hits the presses.



Let the sharing begin!
Most projects take 12 to 18 months to complete, depending on the scope. It’s never too early to start, but many people wait until memories are starting to fade. It is surprising how invigorating the process is and how it can bring families together; even introduce people to unknown relatives. Your history is your legacy. Your great great grandchildren will not know you unless you choose to share your story. Timelines makes it possible for you to start today.

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