Below is a sampling of pages from some of our books. Turn the pages by clicking on the top right corner of each page.



Shirley Gittelsohn

Letters To My Son

The Brix Logging Story

The Brix Maritime Story

A Personal Story


Sample Videos

Before 60

A collage of still photographs, music and old family movies were used to portray the special people and moments in the subject’s life for a 60th birthday commemoration.

Captain Couch

From a series of interviews given by descendants of Captain Couch. Storytellers from the family were chosen to tell an aspect of their family history. Maps, news clips, music and still photographs were used to illustrate the story.

Christmas Memory

A good storyteller tells a fond memory from his life.

Un-depressing Depression

A woman describes lessons she learned during a tough period in history.

Childhood Lesson

A man tells of making up for a childhood deed gone wrong.

Grandfatherly Advice

A grandfather shares advice to his granddaughter about how to choose a husband.

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